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How much does it cost to have Direct Deposit?

Direct Deposit is FREE*.

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Why is Direct Deposit better than getting a check?

You have more control with direct deposit. Your money goes straight into your card account at the same time each month, so your check doesn't rule your schedule. It also eliminates the risk of lost or stolen checks and helps protect you from check fraud and identity theft. And you can access your money from virtually anywhere - so you have it when you need it most.

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Is Direct Deposit safer than checks?

Yes, direct deposit eliminates the risk of stolen checks and forgeries and helps protect people from identity theft.

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Isn't Direct Deposit only for traditional checking accounts?

No, most payroll and government checks can be directly deposited into a ReadyCARD account.

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Can any check be Direct Deposited?

Most payroll and government checks accept direct deposit. You can contact your payroll or HR person for more information.

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How do I know my money has been deposited and how much was deposited?

Direct Deposit is automatic, so it's always there whenever you get paid. To know how much was deposited and when, you can select to have text messages and/or email alerts** sent to you every time a deposit is received. You can also check your ReadyCARD information at, by calling the toll free customer service line of 1-800-506-0630 or by swiping your ReadyCARD at any ReadySTATION.

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How soon can I use an ATM on direct deposit day?

You can use the ATM as soon as your deposit is posted.

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How do I stop my pay from being Direct Deposited?

Contact your employer or government agency.

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Can I sign up for Direct Deposit at a later date?

Yes, you can sign up at any time. Just go to and select "Add Direct Deposit."

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What are the features of my ReadyCARD?


Just a $4.95 monthly maintenance fee

FREE* direct deposit
$1 Bank ACH transfers
$1 Card-to-Card/Bank Account transfers
(MoneyGram, Western Union and Visa ReadyLink fees vary by retail partner)


You can check your balance for FREE* whenever you want, as often as you want, on our website and by signing up for Alerts**


4 FREE* Live Agent Customer Service calls per month; $3 each additional
4 FREE* Automated Phone Service calls per month; $0.25 each additional


When you ask for cash back at point-of-sale. Only $1.95 at the ATM.

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What is the difference between an Instant ReadyCARD and a Reloadable ReadyCARD?

There are important differences between the Instant Card and the Reloadable Card:

Instant ReadyCARD: The Instant ReadyCARD cannot be reloaded and may not be used for cash access through an ATM, bank, or merchant.

Reloadable ReadyCARD : The Reloadable ReadyCARD can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs or banks with any of the brand marks displayed on the front or back of the Card, and to obtain cash back at retail establishments that offer that service. The Reloadable Card can also be reloaded at through direct deposit. You can also transfer money from the Card to a bank account at a financial institution in the United States.

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What are the Cardholder Fees for my card account?

To review the fees associated with ReadyCARD, click here to be directed to the Cardholder Fees page.

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How does my ReadyCARD differ from a traditional Credit Card?

Your ReadyCARD is a prepaid card that you can use anywhere debit cards are accepted worldwide, including ATMs. ReadyCARD works similar to a debit card, except that your ReadyCARD does not carry a credit line, you will not be charged interest, or late fees. You pay as you go by pre-paying the amount you wish to spend, plus additional usage fees. Certain exclusions or conditions may apply. Consult the Cardholder Agreement and these Frequently Asked Questions for information on how to get the most from your ReadyCARD.

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Does buying or using my ReadyCARD build my credit rating?

No. The ReadyCARD is not a credit card. It is a prepaid card. Because no credit is granted and no payments are required, the ReadyCARD does not build credit history.

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What is the life of my ReadyCARD (Expiration Date)?

Your ReadyCARD is able to be used until the expiration date printed on the front of your ReadyCARD. At the time of expiration, if your ReadyCARD has a balance, Reloadable ReadyCARD cardholders will be mailed a new Reloadable ReadyCARD to your card account address. Some fees apply; see your Cardholder Agreement. If your ReadyCARD has a zero balance at expiration contact Customer Service at 1-800-506-0630.

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Are my funds safe and secure?

Yes. All money is secure in the banking system, except in the case of cardholder negligence.

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Can I have more than one ReadyCARD?


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Does my ReadyCARD have a PIN?

Yes. When you call to activate your ReadyCARD, you will choose a PIN. Activated immediately, your PIN can be used for ATM transactions. For security reasons, you should not write or keep your PIN with your Card.

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How do I use my ReadyCARD to withdraw cash from an ATM?

You may use the ReadyCARD to obtain cash from any financial institution that accepts the Card, or any qualified Automated Teller Machine (ATM). All ATM transactions are treated as cash withdrawal transactions and you will need to enter your PIN number when prompted and select checking account to access money. A fee applies to each ATM transaction, in addition to any fees the ATM terminal owner may impose.

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What are the ReadyCARD exclusions and limitations?

Recurring Transactions:

Prepaid cards are not ideal for recurring transactions. "Recurring Transactions" are transactions that are automatically charged to your ReadyCARD each month with or without your knowledge. Examples of merchants that may use recurring transactions include Internet service providers, health clubs, insurance companies that automatically charge monthly premiums to your ReadyCARD, "Book of the Month Club" type merchants, cable TV services and the like. Because your ReadyCARD is prepaid and does not carry a credit line, these merchants may suspend or cancel your service if you don't have enough money left on your ReadyCARD when that recurring transaction comes due. This could cause a problem if the recurring charge is for an essential service, such as gas and electricity. Therefore, prepaid cards are not ideal for these types of transactions.

Open End Transactions:

There are certain types of merchants that sell goods or services where the final amount they will charge to your ReadyCARD is unknown at the time they first authorize your ReadyCARD. Typical merchants in this category include rental car companies, hotels, Internet service providers, certain time-based or variable cost merchants, and others where the final purchase amount is not known up front. Therefore, your card account may be "authorized" or have "money held" for more than the actual amount of the purchase until the final transaction is complete - meaning that those "authorized" dollars are not available for you to spend elsewhere. Other merchants will accept prepaid cards, but only under special rules or policies that may cause your ReadyCARD to be declined. Furthermore, transactions at certain merchants that authorize high dollar amounts, especially rental car companies and hotels, may cause an "authorization" or a "hold" on your available balance for up to 90 days - meaning you won't have access to the authorized dollar amount of these funds during that entire time. This is done to prevent fraud from prepaid card customers who may run up a bill higher than the amount first approved.

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Can I spend more money than I have on the ReadyCARD?

No. Please refer to the Cardholder Agreement for more information.

Note: It is important to keep track of your ReadyCARD balance to avoid having purchases declined for insufficient funds.

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Can my ReadyCARD ever have a negative balance?

Any authorization request that is greater than the ReadyCARD's available balance will be declined. However, there can be times when a merchant puts an item through without prior authorization. If this happens and you exceed your ReadyCARD's funds, you will be billed for the excess amount. Before making a purchase and to avoid charges, visit a ReadySTATION or log in to your card account on this website to check your card account balance.

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What happens when I return merchandise?

Internet and store merchants credit your returns back to your ReadyCARD as they would any other debit card purchase.

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Can I use my ReadyCARD at a store?

Yes. You can use your ReadyCARD anywhere that accepts debit cards. At a merchant location, swipe your card, sign for your transaction or use your four digit PIN number, and the transaction will be complete. Reload your card with funds for continued use. Instant ReadyCARDs purchased at a ReadySTATION can be used immediately. Funds deposited at a ReadySTATION are immediately accessible. ReadyCARDs received in the mail must first be activated by calling Customer Service at (800) 506-0630.

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Can I use my ReadyCARD at a restaurant?

Yes. However, most restaurants will attempt to authorize the transaction for the total bill plus an estimated tip. The addition of the tip may be more than the balance remaining on the card causing the transaction to be denied. Notify the server if the balance on your card is not sufficient to cover the total bill plus the tip.

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Can I use my ReadyCARD to "pay at the pump"?

It is not recommended that you use your ReadyCARD at the pump because a pay-at-the-pump transaction involves a pre-authorization of at least $75. By paying for your gasoline inside, only the actual purchase amount will be withdrawn from your ReadyCARD balance.

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Can I use my ReadyCARD for online purchases?

Yes. Absolutely, as long as debit cards are accepted. Most online companies confirm the name and address of the cardholder before approving the purchase.

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Can I use my ReadyCARD to rent a car?

It depends on the rental car company. Your ReadyCARD may be used to rent a car, but because a rental car is an "open end" transaction (see the Exclusions and Limitations section in this Frequently Asked Questions section) your ReadyCARD may be "authorized" (have money held) for more money than the actual cost of the rental car. How much more money will depend on where you rent the car. The reason for this is that the rental car company won't know if they need to charge you for things like gas, car damage, and extra days until you return the vehicle. Furthermore, these authorized funds will be held and unavailable for you to spend until the final transaction is posted to your statement. This means that you will not have access to these funds for perhaps as long as 90 days. For this reason, we do not recommend using your ReadyCARD to pay for rental car transactions. To avoid problems when you rent, our advice is to first call the rental car company and ask them what their policy is regarding the use of prepaid debit cards.

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Can I use my ReadyCARD to book a hotel room?

It depends on the hotel. When you make a reservation at a hotel it is called an "open end transaction." That means the total amount due is unknown. The hotel has the right to authorize more than the initial payment to cover damages that could occur during your stay. The hotel can place a hold on these funds for 30 days. Many times the card will not have sufficient funds to cover additional charges; for this reason some hotels do not accept prepaid cards. However, some hotels will accept prepaid cards under special rules; therefore, we recommend you first call the hotel and inquire about their prepaid card policy.

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I bought something from a website, but they never deducted the money off my ReadyCARD. Why?

The reason is that most websites only charge your card account when the merchandise is shipped, not when it is ordered. So, let's say you bought something that was out of stock or was not available for shipping for a few days. The merchant may not charge your ReadyCARD until they ship your merchandise a few days (or weeks) later.

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I bought something for $x.xx but my ReadyCARD balance is only down by $1. Why?

Many website and phone merchants will do what is called a "dollar authorization." This means that they check to see that your account is valid, but they only hold $1.00 until they ship the merchandise. Then, they will charge the full amount.

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I bought something, but my balance doesn't show any money being taken off. Why?

Many website and phone merchants will do what is called "batch authorizations." This means that they will take a bunch of orders over a period of time and then submit them all at once for authorization from the credit card company later. Therefore, when your ReadyCARD is approved at that time, then you'll see your balance decline by the purchase amount.

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I bought something online and it said that my ReadyCARD was OK, but then they e-mailed me later and said my ReadyCARD had been declined. Why?

Many website and phone merchants will do what is called "batch authorizations." This means that they will take a bunch of orders over a period of time and then submit them all at once for authorization from the credit card company later. Therefore, at first, they tell everyone that their Card was approved. But then when they submitted your ReadyCARD for approval later, they found out that it was declined.

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What is Online Bill Pay?

Online Bill Pay is an automated bill payment service. With Online Bill Pay, you can send a one-time or recurring electronic payment to thousands of billers listed in our database or send a paper check to anyone. Since the payment amount is immediately deducted from your available balance, you will never incur a bounced check fee.

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How do I use Online Bill Pay?

You can access Online Bill Pay to set up billers, send payments, and view your transaction history via your card account online.

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Who can I pay using Online Bill Pay?

Unlike most electronic bill pay programs, you can pay anyone using Online Bill Pay. If the person you want to send a payment to is not listed in our biller database, we will send them a paper check on your behalf.

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Can I send checks using Online Bill Pay?

Yes, you can. Send a paper check to anyone using Online Bill Pay for a fee of $2.50.

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How much does it cost to use Online Bill Pay?

Online Bill Pay service is available for only $0.25 per electronic payment and $2.50 per paper check.

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How do I add money to my ReadyCARD?

Instant ReadyCARDs are not reloadable. ReadyCARD offers a variety of ways to add money to your card account. Each way is described below:

The BEST way to have money added to your ReadyCARD is through direct deposit: With Direct Deposit, you can have your pay, dividends, disability, and government checks (i.e. Social Security, Medicare, Welfare, etc.) sent directly to your ReadyCARD account, FREE. Your funds are available the same business day they are received.

ReadySTATION: Reload your ReadyCARD at a participating ReadySTATION location. Follow the simple instructions to load money onto your card. There is a $2.00 fee for ReadySTATION loads. Your loaded funds are available immediately on your ReadyCARD.

You can also load money onto your ReadyCARD through MoneyGram, Western Union, Visa ReadyLink. Standard fees vary by retail partner.

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How do I check the balance of my ReadyCARD?

FREE balance checks are available online on this website. You may also call Customer Service at 1-800-506-0630.

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Will I receive a monthly statement?

No, but you can access your statement online. Go to and login. Click Card Account Details. The Card Account Details screen shows transaction history, spending summary, and available balance. If you would like a monthly statement faxed or mailed to you, contact customer service at 1-800-506-0630.

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What happens when I call Customer Service?

When you call customer service, you will be prompted through an automated voice service where you will have options, such as activating your card, selecting your PIN, and checking your balance. You will also have an option to speak with a Customer Service Representative, who will be able to help you with your ReadyCARD questions.

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What if I forgot my PIN?

Visit and login. Click on Update Profile and choose Change Card PIN Number, or contact customer service at 1-800-506-0630; they can help you reset and choose a new PIN.

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What happens if my ReadyCARD is lost or stolen?

If you believe your ReadyCARD has been lost or stolen or that someone has accessed or may access money from your ReadyCARD without your permission, CALL US IMMEDIATELY AT 1-800-506-0630. Calling us is the best way to limit your possible losses. A replacement ReadyCARD will be issued and any available balance (less the replaced card fee -- see the Schedule of Fees for current fee ) will be transferred to the new ReadyCARD. As long as the lost or stolen ReadyCARD is reported immediately, you will not be responsible for any unauthorized merchant charges.

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What if someone steals my ReadyCARD or uses it without my permission?

You should treat your ReadyCARD with care. Guard the card account number and PIN number the same way you would cash or any credit card. Do not share your ReadyCARD number or PIN number with anyone. If you lose your ReadyCARD or believe it to be stolen, you must immediately contact our customer service personnel at 1-800-506-0630. We will cancel your old ReadyCARD, move the remaining balance to a new ReadyCARD, and then mail the new Card to you at the address on file. Instant ReadyCARDs will be refunded or replaced with a Reloadable ReadyCARD by providing the necessary information on the sign-up form. A fee applies to lost, stolen, or replacement cards.

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How can I dispute a transaction?

If you suspect an error, have questions about a transaction, or wish to dispute a transaction that has posted to your statement, please write us a letter with the following information:

  1. Your name, address, and phone number
  2. Your card account number
  3. Describe the error or the transaction you are unsure about and explain as clearly as you can why you believe it is an error or why you need more information
  4. Tell us the dollar amount of the suspected error
  5. Your e-mail address
  6. Please describe the transaction you are disputing and why you feel that this transaction is incorrect.

Send the above information to:

  • ReadyCARD Customer Service
  • c/o Transaction Dispute
  • P.O. Box 46730
  • Eden Prairie, MN 55344

You can also contact Customer Service at 1-800-506-0630 or by sending them an email.

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What happens if there are still funds available on my ReadyCARD when it expires?

Reloadable Cardholders will be issued a new ReadyCARD prior to your card expiring. We encourage you to verify that your contact information, name, address, and phone numbers are correct so that we are able to deliver your new card to the correct address. Click here to be directed to the Cardholder Resources page to update your profile. Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-506-0630 for additional assistance.

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*While this feature is available for free, certain other transaction fees and costs, terms, and conditions are associated with the use of this Card, See the cardholder agreement for more details.

**Standard text message rates, fees and charges may apply.