Ready Credit Corporation, headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, is a leading innovator of prepaid product solutions for the cash-reliant consumer. The company was the first to issue an instant, anonymous prepaid card from a self-service kiosk, the patented “ReadySTATION,™” and the company continues to innovate with unique products and services for the Transit, Paratransit, Government and Airlines industries. Ready Credit’s innovative products and services include a prepaid card enabled to automatically adapt to user need, eg. originate without fees for use in a Transit environment then switch to a fee-based general purpose card upon a non-Transit transaction (patent pending), the only prepaid debit card structured within Federal Electronic Transit Account (ETA) regulations, and the recently added instant cash-to-card solution for the Airlines industry to support cashless lobby initiatives. All Ready Credit prepaid products are either Visa or Mastercard network branded, and deposits are FDIC insured.